Mini BRiO 2


Manufacturers of LED mini pool lights since 2011, CCEI has been offering a top-of-the-range light for a few years now: the Mini-BRiO! This screw-in mini spotlight is as powerful as it is discreet in the pool! 

WARNING: optics only.

Select a reference
ReferencePowerVersionSupply (AC)
PK10R31112 Watts / 1300lmCold white12 VAC
PK10R31212 Watts / 1300lmWarm white12 VAC
PK10R31312 Watts / 900lmMulticolore12 VAC
PK11R20012 Watts / 900lmX312 VAC


When you install Mini-BRiO in your pool, you're opting for top-of-the-range power! A true concentrate of technology, combining luminous power (1300 lm in white) and discreet design, Mini-BRiO is the ideal solution for construction, thanks to its power equivalent to standard PAR56 lights. 

Discover a new lighting experience with Mini BRiO. Opt for an installation of 2 mini lights rather than one standard light to optimize the pool's light output. Avoid shadows and enjoy uniform lighting thanks to these compact lights (just 49 mm in diameter). The Mini BRiO also features RGBW technology in a multicolor version. 

A wide range of customization options is available, with specific backflows. Take advantage of perfect integration into the wall thanks to faceplates in a variety of shapes, colors and materials! 

  • To be screwed into a Mini BRiO bushing 
  • Available in cool white, warm white and multicolor lighting. 
  • Power consumption: 12W 
  • Max. brightness: 1300 lm 
  • Can be installed in a 2" bushing S
  • everal versions available: Mini BRiO 2, Mini BRiO+ and Mini BRiO Switch