Configurateur d'éclairage CCEI

May 21, 2024

CCEI is launching its lighting configurator to enable you to visualise the performance of different lights according to the specific characteristics of your ponds.

Underwater lighting is no longer limited to a simple utilitarian function, but can become a real work of art in the garden by highlighting the natural beauty of the water. The CCEI configurator gives customers the chance to create a magical atmosphere by adapting the lighting to the size, shape and depth of their pool.

The intuitive tool guides users through a simple, fun process. In just a few clicks, customers can specify the dimensions of their pool, the pool liner and the colour of the lighting. Based on these parameters, the configurator suggests a selection of available lights, each offering unique features.

The configurator lets you instantly visualise how the lighting will look in your own pool. Thanks to advanced 3D modelling, customers can see in real time how each light transforms their pool at nightfall. Whether they want to create a soothing, warm-toned atmosphere with a warm white light or add a vibrant touch with multicoloured lighting, the configurator offers complete customisation. 

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