Micro Plug in Pool


The Micro Plug in Pool is a concentrate of technology in your pool. This small pool light offers many advantages in use, and can be matched to the specific wall feedthroughs offered by CCEI. Opting for this new technology means opting for different colors depending on the area illuminated in the pool, changing colors for certain occasions, and quick and easy winterization of the light!

Select a reference
ReferencePowerVersionSupply (AC)
PK10R61215 Watts / 1300lmCool white / cyan pack12 VAC
PK10R61315 Watts / 1300lmCold white12 VAC
PK10R61415 Watts / 800lmCyan12 VAC
PK10R61515 Watts / 1300lmWarm white12 VAC
PK10R61815 Watts / 800lmIndigo12 VAC


The Micro Plug in Pool uses the induction technology we patented for swimming pools in 2012 (No. 1260746). This process offers unrivalled ease of bulb replacement. Change color for a specific occasion and, in the case of a pool with several spotlights, create patterns (country flag, party, etc.). 

The Micro Plug in Pool light can be installed in any type of pool. Whether you have a hull, traditional concrete or liner pool, there's a solution for installing this innovative new type of LED spotlight. And by combining the Micro Plug with one of the specific feed-throughs, you're choosing a discreet, powerful LED spotlight! Thanks to induction technology, you can remove the Micro Plug in Pool from the base and store it in a dry place over the winter, then put it back in the water whenever you like. 

But induction technology also means you can replace a spotlight installed in the pool in a matter of seconds, without any work! Need to change the color of your pool lighting? In less than 5 seconds, with no need to switch off the power supply, you can switch from bright white to pure cyan. Micro Plug in Pool provides lighting of up to 1300 lumen in white, or 800 lumen in cyan. By choosing monochrome spotlights with differentiated colors, you opt for a very powerful light other than white.