Retrospective 2023: A year of innovation, expansion and collaboration

January 2, 2024

Ah, 2023, a year at CCEI full of twists and turns, laughter and change! Here's a look back at a colorful year.

New logo and website: the big makeover

Change starts with a strong visual identity! And in 2023, CCEI got a facelift with a new, modern and elegant logo. The logo is a bit like a facelift for the company - just the right amount to keep it looking young and hip (do young people still say young and hip?).

And we didn't stop at the logo! A new website is also online, available in 12 languages, because even our site speaks several languages, not just our employees! The result is a more fluid user experience with integrated store locator.

International presence: airplanes, trade shows, and lots of Jet Lag!

CCEI is like Hermione Granger in The Prisoner of Azkaban - everywhere at once! Nine international trade shows? Check! Over twenty countries visited? Double check! Our teams have traveled all over the world to bring you our innovations. Thanks to coffee, we've overcome the jet lag!

Babyfoot and business, it almost rhymes, doesn't it? 

Beyond trade shows, meetings and serious speeches, CCEI also likes to have fun. We've even had some lively games of table soccer between colleagues. Because at CCEI, we know that the secret of a good collaboration is knowing how to handle the handles of a foosball table with style, and not just how to install an electrolyser.


infographie 2024_Plan de travail 1_Plan de travail 1.png

Vigipool: conquering the connected pool 

2023 also saw a major breakthrough with the deployment of Vigipool, our innovative pool automation solution. Vigipool is a bit like having a virtual guardian for your pool: thanks to this application, nothing escapes you!  By 2023, there will be over 1,500 connected technical rooms worldwide.

Projector sales: 124,000, and not one less!

CCEI has sold 124,000 lights - that's a lot of well-lit pools! We'd like to thank each and every one of our customers who, year after year, continue to support us and are an integral part of our adventure!

Strengthening our teams: The arrival of new talent

Finally, to accompany our growth and support our new projects, 12 new employees have joined the party. We prepared the confetti and the cheers, because we know how to entertain at CCEI. These new talents brought their energy, creativity and probably a few great jokes to the coffee machine.

In conclusion, 2023 will go down in CCEI history as a year punctuated by change and innovation. As always, we look to the future with a smile and a pinch of madness, ready to light up the world, one pool at a time!