tild VP, the connected electrical panel that will become a must-have

July 13, 2023

We are back today for a new issue on the Vigipool ecosystem! Previously, you discovered the Vigipool concept. Today, we will focus on our first product, and not the least! Make way for the tild VP, the standard electrical panel in which an intelligent module has been added to connect to the Vigipool ecosystem.

A pool expert at your service



What would you say if we told you that installing an intelligent connected panel capable of managing all the functions of your pool, from your smartphone and anywhere in the world, was as easy as installing a standard electrical box? 


With tild VP, it is! Thanks to the control panel and the Vigipool application, setting up the essential functions of your pool has never been so easy. Managing your water pump according to the water temperature all year round, complete control of the spotlights and the data history accessible at any time from your smartphone: because even a real assistant couldn't do better! 


The connected electrical panel that can be controlled from a smartphone!


Discover a complete device, already fully-wired in our factory! Where connected panels can become a real hassle to install, tild VP integrates all the components of equipment protection and terminal blocks to really simplify the installation of this device.

With the tild solution, choose a box with many settings and simple to use: to offer its users the intelligence and comfort of a connected pool. tild VP is there to solve the time consuming constraints a pool has with one complete solution. 


tild VP and the Vigipool universe 

tild-verso-1 (1).png

The Vigipool ecosystem is a set of automated and connected devices that communicate with each other without any cabling or wired connections! The devices create a complete technical room, controlled from your smartphone. Throughout the season, let us introduce you to all these devices! 

You now know, the advantages and the solutions that tild VP has to offer! Thanks to the Vigipool application, you can control the lighting of your pool, manage the water-filtration throughout the year with the help of schedules and set up an auxiliary output with the device of your choice. 

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