Vigipool : the connected pool without stress

June 27, 2023

The technological revolution, which has been underway since the 1980s, is taking over all industrial sectors and can be found in every corner of the home and garden. The swimming pool is also undergoing a digital transition, with the growing number of connected products in recent years. Several challenges are occupying the engineers of European manufacturers: bringing together the essential elements of a swimming pool in a single application, reconciling the needs and expectations of the individual and the professional.

CCEI major player in the swimming pool industry for almost 50 years and with its well-known expertise as a manufacturer of electrical and electronic control panels, LED lights and automatic water treatment systems, is introducing an ecosystem of independent and interconnected devices: Vigipool.

Vigipool brings together a set of automated and connected devices that communicate with each other and together form the core of the technical room, to be controlled with a smartphone, from a single application.

The current available devices in this product range allow the automation of filtration according to several parameters (water temperature, pool attendance, cover condition, heating...), water treatment thanks to pH and redox analysis, and the management of white or color projectors. The application, which can be accessed via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi, allows you to control the equipment from anywhere.

In order to respond to various financial constraints or renovation projects, the products are autonomous and yet interconnected: the installation of one does not hinder that of the other later on, each will be recognised by the application and will automatically appear in it.

The constraints in terms of available space that can complicate the layout of the products (servo control, flow sensor or probe cable too short, etc.) are avoided by non-wireless communication between the devices. Thanks to a dedicated Saas website that monitors a multiple number of pools, the professional will save even more time by anticipating possible problems and scheduling his maintenance rounds. With the push notifications, private individuals and professionals will be informed of the state of the pool in real time.  Finally, all your devices united in one app! 

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