Antea HP


With the Antea HP, set and monitor your heat pump on your Vigipool app!

The Antea HP heat pump is the fruit of the latest inverter technology, providing superior heating power while being 10 times quieter than conventional inverter pumps.

Select a reference
ReferenceMax. flowMax. pool volume
PNCH00204 à 6 m³/h30 - 60m³
PNCH00216 à 8 m³/h40 / 75m³


Use the Vigipool app to control your heat pump remotely. Use the app to launch your heat pump before you get home, and enjoy a pool at the right temperature when you arrive!

Antea HP heat pumps have a COP 50-70% higher than other inverter heat pumps on the market. They have an extra 20% capacity for faster heating than other heat pumps. And thanks to 5 years of research & development, the UniverT heat pump is quieter than a standard Full Inverter heat pump without losing efficiency. So you can stay in the garden while it's running without the usual noise stress of other models on the market.

Offer your customers the ideal accessory for enjoying their pool all year round, whatever the weather. With the PAC UniverT, you offer an efficient, silent pump that is above all energy-efficient over time. Operating at 50% of its capacity, the PAC can maintain the pool water at the ideal temperature, even in winter.