Antea VS


With Antea VS, control your variable speed pump from your smartphone! Antea VS is an ultra-compact antenna that can be fitted to compatible variable-speed pumps to integrate them into the Vigipool world. Connect Antea VS to your pump to control it from a smartphone application.

ReferenceVersionSupply (AC)
PF10Y5903 or 4 speeds, depending on pump230V - 50Hz


Configure and control your appliance remotely using the Vigipool application. In this way, you can integrate your variable speed pump into a global application for controlling your technical room! The antenna is installed and configured in just a few seconds.

In just a few clicks, you can connect the device of your choice via WiFi or Bluetooth. If the Antea button remains green, then your device is connected via Wi-Fi; if it is purple, you are connected via Bluetooth. What's more, the box can be placed outside the technical room for better reception of the home's WiFi network.

Please note: you will need a Tild VP or Meteor VP to use this product, in order to control the pump's power supply. The Antea VS manages the speeds automatically according to the conditions (presence of cover, temperature, water level, etc.) and you are free to force a particular speed.


Compatible variable speed pumps : 

  • Hayward - Super Pump VSTD
  • Hayward - Max Flo XL VSTD
  • PENTAIR - Superflo VS2
  • Pentair - Challenger VS2
  • Pentair - Whisperflo VS2
  • Zodiac - FloPro VS
  • Fluidra - E-Flow VS
  • Speck - Badu Eco Touch Pro
  • Speck Badu Prime Eco VS
  • Aquagem - InverPro
  • Aquagem - Pflow
  • Aquagem -ISaver