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A long-standing manufacturer of electrical panels and cabinets for swimming pools, CCEI has been putting its expertise at the service of pool professionals for 47 years. To equip the technical room of collective swimming pools, we offer customized cabinets that can be configured directly online and comply with current standards. 



A control panel adapted to the technical room and meeting the high demands of this sector

Public swimming pools have special characteristics that require a specific electrical panel. That's why we offer pool professionals a wide choice of functions in our cabinets to supply all the equipment in the technical room: from protection of filtration pumps, to protected outlets for heat pumps, to 12V power supplies for lights.

And thanks to a complete, labelled connection system that complies with the industry's high quality standards, our panels can be installed quickly and easily, saving pool professionals time when setting up the technical room.

Configure your electrical panel directly online!

CCEI's online tool lets you configure your electrical panel and add the functions you want, step by step! The tool lets you save configurations as you wish, so you can reuse them and track the progress of your order online:

With CCEI electrical enclosures, you're choosing an experienced manufacturer with a service entirely dedicated to customized solutions, to meet your specific needs!