Bahia PRO


Add a touch of design to your community pool projects with the Bahia PRO light! Thanks to its mirror-effect stainless steel faceplate, you can install much more than a light source in the pool. It's a real decorative element.

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PF10R27540 Watts / 1400lm
PF10R277100 Watts / 7000lm
PF10R27630 Watts / 1150lm


The Bahia PRO LED light is compatible with public pools thanks to its fixing system. The cover is screwed directly to the niche, so it's firmly anchored. This means it cannot be inadvertently removed by a bather. This heavy-duty light is ideal for public pools, and includes the PAR56 niche and its accessories (Teflon, cable gland, etc.), as well as a pre-mounted LED light with faceplate. To guarantee long-lasting use, the light is fitted with a new, reinforced glass. 

  • Complete light (niche + bulb) 
  • For public pools
  • Cool white lighting 
  • Exclusively for concrete pools 
  • Energy-saving light: 40W max. 
  • High luminosity: up to 7000lm