Looking for an innovative design for your pool lighting? Need a simple, complete solution to replace your incandescent spotlight? The BRiO Z LED light is what you're looking for! 

WARNING: optics only.

Select a reference
ReferencePowerVersionSupply (AC)
PK10R00120 Watts / 1400lmCold white12V AC
PK10R00240 Watts / 4400lmCold white12V AC
PK10R00340 Watts / 4400lmWarm white
PK10R00730 Watts / 1150lmMulticolor12V AC


Thanks to its practical mounting system (plastic or stainless steel brackets that attach to the niche) and watertight connection, you no longer need to keep the installation components of your standard bulb. The BRiO Z LED spotlight doesn't require a bulb holder or gasket. 

Then customize the finish of your pool light with a selection of 11 different faceplates: 316L stainless steel, colored ABS, Plexiglas, extra-flat stainless steel. 

  • Fits all standard PAR56 niches 
  • Adjustable mounting brackets 
  • Supplied with 3m cable Ideal for construction and renovation 
  • Compatible with all pools 
  • Available in cool white, warm white and multicolor 
  • Energy-saving lights: 20W, 30W and 40W High luminosity: up to 4400 lm