The frost protection panel simplifies pool maintenance in winter. It automatically switches on the filtration system when the outside temperature drops too low, to prevent the formation of frost. This protects your pool and your equipment!

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ReferenceVersionSupply (AC)
PF10Y007Electronic thermostat 230V AC
PF10Y030Mechanical thermostat230V AC


The filtration system is still working, but less often than at the height of the season. A frost protection panel helps prevent the effects of frost on your system. If the outside temperature reaches a certain threshold, the frost protection panel automatically switches on filtration to create movement in the water, and prevent freezing. You can, for example, set up forced filtration at -1°C or -2°C. 

DHG-2 and DHG-A panels are frost protection panels. This panel is a must-have for any technical room, to help you get through the winter with peace of mind! These panels automatically activate filtration in the event of a risk of freezing in the pipes. These compact panels can be installed on existing pools. The DHG-2 panel operates with an electronic thermostat. The DHG-A panel uses a mechanical thermostat. 

  • Activates filtration in the event of freezing in the pipes. 
  • Compact panels for installation in existing pools 
  • CTN temperature sensor supplied with support collar