When a standard pool light breaks down, we offer you a simple replacement solution! Keep your existing pool light system and replace it with an Eolia LED bulb! 

WARNING: optics only

Select a reference
ReferencePowerVersionSupply (AC)
PK10R00120 Watts / 1400lmCold white12V AC
PK10R00240 Watts / 4400lmCold white12V AC
PK10R00340 Watts / 4400lmWarm white12V AC
PK10R00730 Watts / 1150lmMulticolor12V AC


Available in 3 different lighting types, choose from cool white, warm white or multicolor (RGB+W). With ever more efficient light output, the Eolia bulb delivers up to 100W in cool white lighting. 

  • PAR56 LED bulb 
  • For installation or renovation 
  • Several lighting options: cool white, warm white, multicolor 
  • Easy to install 
  • Energy-saving light: 20W, 30W, 40W 
  • High luminosity: up to 4400 lm