Limpido EZ


Discover our intelligent, compact salt chlorinator: the Limpido EZ. Opt for optimal production for user comfort. Limpido EZ guarantees natural, efficient and automatic water treatment.

Select a reference
ReferenceProductionSupply (AC)
PF10I05012 - 15 g/h230V AC
PF10I05118 - 24 g/h230V AC
PF10I05330 - 40 g/h230V AC


Its easy-to-handle control box simplifies installation, with essential connections directly accessible without having to open the box! Save time in the technical room. 

The Limpido EZ will measure the water temperature to adapt the daily chlorine production time and thus limit over-chlorination. If the filtration time is not long enough to finish the electrolysis cycle, the device can take control of the filtration panel, thanks to the integrated "forced start" contact. The device also reduces production time when the pool cover is closed, to avoid damaging it. The Limpido EZ combines intelligence and ease of use with chlorine production adapted to water temperature. This easy-to-use device provides intelligent treatment without the need for numerous settings! 

  • Daily production adapted to water temperature 
  • Reduced production when cover is closed 
  • Forced filtration operation 
  • Stops production at 12°C 
  • Very easy to use and install 
  • Multifunction cell connector (temperature, flow) 
  • Transparent, illuminated X-Cell