The Meteor multifunction panel is a complete device combining all essential technical room functions. It controls filtration, powers your pool lights, manages two auxiliary outputs, frost protection and level control. The Meteor becomes the real brain of the technical room.

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The Meteor multifunction panel is designed to optimize filtration pump operation. Compatible with single-phase pumps (protection up to 10A), it automatically adapts to pump current and manages filtration times according to water temperature. So, in AUTO mode, when temperatures rise in spring, Meteor doesn't let itself be surprised and gradually increases filtration. 

The Meteor panel includes a 12V transformer to power the pool lights. Available in two versions (100 and 300VA), you can power several LED lights. By combining the Meteor with CCEI multicolor lights, you have color and sequence control already built into the panel with the radio remote control. 

The panel is equipped with two auxiliary outputs for powering various devices in the technical room. The socket on the side of the panel can be controlled by filtration, and is therefore ideal for powering a pH controller or technical room lighting (in non-controlled mode). The panel's internal auxiliary output is programmable and offers a wide range of possibilities. 

Antea M2: switch your Meteor panel to the Vigipool world 

Thanks to the Antea M2 connected Wifi and Bluetooth antenna, you can switch your Meteor multifunction panel to the Vigipool world! Keep all Meteor's functions and control it from the Vigipool app. With a single connection, Meteor becomes an intuitive, easy-to-use connected panel. 

  • Temperature-optimized filtration control 
  • Frost protection 
  • Power supply for lights (100W or 300W) 
  • Programmable auxiliary output (booster, treatment, etc.) 
  • Radio remote control (light control) 
  • Options : Level control for skimmer or buffer tank 
  • Remote box or Bluetooth antenna 
  • Vigipool remote control possible