Mid BRiO


Discover the Mid BRiO, the compact pool light with a power/lumen/size ratio unrivalled on the pool market. Thanks to a combination of numerous technologies, the Mid-BRiO now makes it possible to illuminate a pool with a light measuring just 75 mm in diameter, delivering 2600 lm of cool white light. A real skylight for your pool!

Select a reference
ReferencePowerVersionSupply (AC)
PK10R40024 Watts / 2600lmCold white12V AC
PK10R40124 Watts / 2600lmWarm white12V AC
PK10R40224 Watts / 1800lmMulticolor12V AC
PK10R40324 Watts / 1800lmX312V AC


The Mid-BRiO's ingenious concept offers a beam angle of up to 160°, where other lights diffuse light at 120°. As a result, Mid-BRiO can illuminate a wider area of the pool, with even fewer shadows. Mid-BRiO offers a compact, innovative and stylish solution for pool lighting. The light is screwed into a standard 1.5" wall feed-through, and the finish can be customized thanks to a wide range of available faceplates: 316L stainless steel, colored ABS, for concrete pools, hulls and liners. 

Mid-BRiO is also compatible with the special BRiO niche. Fully watertight and requiring a hole of just 121 mm in the wall, it guarantees discreet embedding in the wall! The light is screwed into the niche by a quarter-turn, virtually flush with the wall. The niche is available with a cable outlet at the rear of the niche or above. 

  • Fits standard 1.5" feed-throughs 
  • Light distribution angle up to 160°. 
  • Projectors only 75 mm in diameter for 2600 lm of light. 
  • Customizable light 
  • Cool white, warm white and multicolor lighting available