Nikita is the new generation of CCEI wall mount with flat optics. It screws into the wall mount using the bayonet fixture and can be customized. 

WARNING: optics only.

Select a reference
ReferencePowerVersionSupply (AC)
PK10R20020 Watts / 1400lmCold white12V AC
PK10R20140 Watts / 4400lmCold white12V AC
PK10R20240 Watts / 4400lmWarm white12V AC
PK10R20330 Watts / 1150lmMulticolor12V AC


5 faceplates are available for the Nikita light: 4 in ABS and 1 in 316L stainless steel. Thanks to its slim design (only 55 mm thick), the Nikita blends seamlessly into the design of your pool! 

  • Installation on a wall bracket using a bayonet fitting 
  • Wall-mounted bracket 
  • Compatible with all pools
  • Requires Nikita faceplates 
  • Energy-saving light: 20W, 30W, 40W 
  • High brightness: up to 4400 lm