Niva 5


To manage water level and overflow, opt for a Niva 5 automatic regulator, which will take care of managing the level in the pond.



Overflow pools are always accompanied by a connected buffer tank, essential for regulating the water level. The buffer tank collects the water discharged from the pool via the overflow and returns it to the filtration circuit. 

The NIVA level controller ensures optimum water level control for overflow pools. It detects water level fluctuations in the pool and adapts to events thanks to its 5 sensors. It controls the water level, protecting the filtration pump and reducing water consumption. NIVA 5 is the equipment you need for a beautiful overflow. This level control is ideal for mirror or overflow pools. 

  • Level control for pools with buffer tanks 
  • Level control via 5 SE-1 conductivity probes 
  • Protects the filter pump
  • Low-water cut-out and automatic refill 
  • Complete equipment supplied: filter screen, probes, solenoid valve, etc.