The Gaia light becomes Noria! Same light output, same installation, but a new, even more elegant flat design! Noria is a screw-in light for 1.5" wall feed-throughs. 

WARNING: optics only

Select a reference
ReferencePowerVersionSupply (AC)
PK10R13020 Watts / 1400lmCold white12V AC
PK10R13140 Watts / 4400lmCold white12V AC
PK10R13440 Watts / 4400lmWarm white12V AC
PK10R13230 Watts / 1150lmMulticolor12V AC


The light can be customized with a faceplate available in 5 different colors: white, sand, gray, anthracite and stainless steel. Select the lighting of your light to suit your needs. Cool white lighting for a unique monochrome ambience, or multicolored lighting for a colorful pool. 

  • Light screws into 1.5" discharge nozzles. 
  • Adapter for 2" feedthroughs 
  • Supplied with 3m cable 
  • Compatible with all pools 
  • Requires Noria's faceplates to create a complete light. 
  • Cool-white, warm-white and multicolor lighting 
  • Energy-saving light: up to 40W 
  • High brightness: up to 400 lm