Orpheo VP


Choose an automatic, reliable and fully connected system with Orpheo VP. Orpheo VP lets you automatically regulate your pool's pH and ORP levels via the Vigipool smartphone app.

ReferenceMax. pool volumeSupply (AC)
PF10I164150 m³230V AC


The Orpheo VP is a combination of the two devices Phileo POD VP and Oxeo LT VP. With Orpheo VP, choose peace of mind! At a glance, you can see the pH and ORP status of your pool, thanks to dosing pumps that light up according to measurements and/or alerts. Save time on a daily basis, with instant visualization of pH and ORP at a glance in the technical room! 

Orpheo VP parameters can be set directly on the devices or via smartphone! Take advantage of commissioning in just a few minutes, outside the technical room, with an intuitive interface that lets you quickly get to master this solution. The application also provides a precise display on the smartphone: the Phileo VP measures pH, tank volume, injection counter, etc. For the Oxeo LT VP, it measures the ORP potential and introduces an oxidizing product into the pool water as long as the ORP potential is below the set threshold. 

  • Phileo POD VP: Automatic pH+ and pH- control 
  • Oxeo LT VP: Automatic ORP control according to a set value 
  • Simplified installation Intuitive application-based parameterization 
  • Quick visualization of device status 
  • Visual alerts 
  • Supplied with a Zelia POD