Oxeo SP


Oxeo SP is a RedOx analyzer for regulating chlorine production in a pool salt chlorinator. Oxeo SP continuously analyzes the water's oxidizing potential or disinfection potential, and takes control of the chlorinator by telling it when to stop production.

ReferenceSupply (AC)
PF10J017230V AC


The Oxeo SP is supplied with a control cable for CCEI electrolyzers. For other devices, the plug on the front panel is controlled by the RedOx and stops the salt water chlorinator production. With this process, you have nothing but advantages. Avoid excess chlorine in the water, and extend the life of your chlorinator by reducing cell use to the bare minimum. 

  • ORP Analyzer 
  • Optimizes cell efficiency 
  • Compatible with all electrolyzers 
  • 230V socket for electrolyzer 
  • Value selection from 4 setpoints