Oxeo VP


Discover the Oxeo VP: an ORP controller designed to be intuitive and adapted to the new needs of private and public pool owners. Automatic and connected, this ORP controller will simplify your life all season long!

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ReferenceMax. flowMax. pool volumeVersion
PF10J0561.5 l/h150 m³
PF10J0551.5 l/h150 m³Zelia POD supplied


Ultra-simplified installation, connected device, luminous dosing pump, opt for a unique and innovative water treatment device. Thanks to this new generation of regulators, saving time and keeping your water crystal-clear is child's play! 

This connected controller is the ideal ally for optimized pond treatment. With Oxeo VP, you choose peace of mind: at a glance, you can check the status of the ORP in the pool, thanks to a dosing pump that lights up according to the measurement and/or alerts. You'll save time every day, thanks to instant visualization of the ORP at a glance in the technical room, without the need for a smartphone! 

The dosing pump on the Oxeo VP provides a quick visual check that the device is operating correctly, lighting up according to the ORP value: green means all's well, orange that it's close to the required measurement, and red that it's too far away. 

  • Power supply 230V 
  • Maximum pool volume 150m3 
  • Hydraulic installation with 3 x 50mm clamps 
  • Maximum flow rate 1.5 l/h
  •  Wifi and Bluetooth connection