Control essential pool functions with complete peace of mind and simplicity. Powering, protecting and controlling your pool's various electrical equipment, the Panorama panel is ideal.

Select a reference
ReferenceSupply (AC)Breaker
PF10D104230V Output (C10)4 - 6A
PF10D105230V Output (C10)6 - 10A
PF10D12650VA4 - 6A
PF10D401100VA4 - 6A
PF10D402100VA6 - 10A
PF10D430 (Radio)100VA4 - 6A
PF10D018300VA4 - 6A
PF10D019300VA6 - 10A
PF10D032600VA4 - 6A
PF10D033600VA6 - 10A


Panorama electrical panels are practical and comply with current safety standards. With Panorama, you can control filtration, power your lights and benefit from a built-in, easy-to-program daily timer. 

  • Without circuit breaker 
  • Filtration pump control and protection 
  • Power supply for 300W lights 
  • Automatic broom power supply 
  • Programmable modular clock 
  • Optional 30 mA differential switch 
  • Sturdy design case 
  • IP-65 waterproof 
  • Illuminated switches