Phileo PRO & PRO LT


The Phileo PRO range is divided into two models: the Phileo PRO for precise setting on a text display, and the Phileo PRO LT, which is quicker to set up and features an LED display.

Select a reference
ReferenceMax. pool volumeSupply (AC)
PF10J02725m³230V - 50Hz
PF10J02850m³230V - 50Hz


Phileo PRO is an automatic pH controller for optimizing pond water treatment. The controller automatically adjusts the pH of the water according to a pre-defined setpoint.

Thanks to its ergonomic installation and operating modes (display or selection button), Phileo PRO is the perfect device for efficient water treatment installations.

  • Automatic pH regulation: pH+ or pH modes
  • Integrated dosing pump on front panel
  • Safety alerts: empty tank detection and pH probe fault
  • Automatic regulation according to a pre-set setpoint
  • Complete equipment: injection kit, maintenance kit and 2 pH probes supplied