Tild Start VP


Tild Start VP is a fully smartphone-controllable panel that controls the basic functions of the technical room: filter pump, pool lighting and an auxiliary output!

ReferenceAux 1. OutputSupply (AC)
PF10Y705Controlled output on dry contact with control parameters230V AC


Set up your panel on your Vigipool application! Turn on your lights and change the colors on your deckchair.
set the parameters for your filtration pump in just a few seconds! With your phone, pool control is in your hands!

With tild Start, discover a new-generation panel that's as easy to connect as a basic panel! The panel is fully pre-wired, so you can be enjoying your pool in just a few minutes!

After setting the parameters, the tild Start automatically adjusts the filtration times according to the water temperature. This means you don't have to go into the technical room to change filtration times every time there's a change in temperature. Comfort guaranteed.

The thermoregulated filtration mode means that the filtration pump is not over-used. On a day-to-day basis, this means energy savings and less wear and tear on the pump.

  • Temperature-controlled filtration with front-mounted circuit-breaker protection
  • Power supply for lights (50VA) and smartphone control
  • Programmable auxiliary output, e.g. for an electrolyzer controlled by the filtration system
  • Filtration adapted to water temperature (probe supplied) with management of operating days
  • Automatic lighting, color and brightness management + weekend mode
  • Programmable auxiliary output for treatment unit, robot, with slaving parameters
  • Simplified connection and 3-position changeover switches for each output