Tild VP


Controlling essential technical room functions by phone is a request that's becoming increasingly popular with users! So why not install a standard electrical panel that's smarter than it looks? With the tild VP solution, you can control filtration, lighting and an auxiliary output intuitively via your smartphone

Select a reference
ReferenceAux 1. OutputSupply (AC)
PF10Y70010A Max. / Controlled by Tild230V AC
PF10Y70210A Max. / Controlled by Tild230V / 30mA


Tild VP is equipped with a heat pump output and pre-wired connections for level control and pool cover. Where connected panels can become a real gas factory during installation, tild VP integrates all equipment protection components and connection terminals to make commissioning as simple as possible.

With tild VP, you opt for a global, connected solution that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via the Vigipool application. Configure and check your pool on your Vigipool app! Turn on your lights and change the colors on your deckchair, or check remotely that the filtration pump is correctly set up, either at home or at a distance. Integrate your control panel into a global application to control your technical room!

  • Filtration adapted to water temperature (sensor supplied)
  • Automatic light switching, color and brightness management
  • Programmable auxiliary output
  • iOS / Android smartphone application
  • Remote device update via app
  • Vigipool compatible
  • Can be controlled from anywhere in the world