Opt for VigW@tt, the electrical protection panel that includes an energy meter. With VigW@tt, you can keep an eye on your electricity consumption at all times: voltage, total current consumption, power and frequency.

ReferencePowerVersionSupply (AC)
PF10Y62110000 Watts - 45AWith HP230V - 50Hz


The standard VigW@tt panel is fitted with an intelligent antenna that allows you to monitor and measure your electricity consumption to optimise it and save money in the long term. Thanks to VigW@tt, you can reliably quantify what your pool consumes.

VigW@tt provides complete monitoring of the energy consumed by your pool installation. Keep an eye on your consumption day after day and access your consumption history from the application.

Use the Vigipool smartphone application to enter the cost per kilowatt according to your supplier to find out exactly what your pool consumes (note that the cost varies according to the electricity contract, for example: off-peak hours peak hours).

Setting the energy cost means you can convert consumption into a value for simple, intuitive monitoring!