CCEI offers the Xiona junction box. Fully waterproof and compact, Xiona is designed for easy connection of 2 lights (and even a third if necessary).

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The box is configured with a side entry for a power cable and 2 outlets at the bottom for powering your lights. There's also a 3rd outlet for connecting a 3rd light if required. 

And to simplify electrical connection, Wago quick-connect terminals are included. Cable entries and exits are sealed by cable glands. With a conventional junction box, you need to raise the electrical connection above the water level of the pool, making it difficult to install on a mirror pool. 

With Xiona, 2 solutions are available: install it just below the water level in the case of a mirror pool, thanks to Xiona's waterproofing, or at terrace level, thanks to the colors available for discreet installation. 

  • Waterproof connection box for 2 lights 
  • Connection box for up to 3 lights 
  • Complete equipment supplied: cable glands, connection terminals, etc. 
  • Standard light inlets: 32 mm diameter 
  • Completely sealed without insulating gel. 
  • Cable glands inside the box. Ideal for overflow pools. 
  • Fast connection: Wago connection terminals.