Zelia ZLT


With the Zelia ZLT, CCEI offers a full-featured salt chlorinator. By opting for this best-seller, you're choosing an electrolyzer that's as compact (compact cell: just 18.5 cm) as it is high-performance (up to 15g/h in version 75).

Select a reference
ReferenceMax. flowProductionSupply (AC)
PF10I06015 m³/h4 - 5 g/h230V AC
PF10I06115 m³/h8 - 10 g/h230V AC
PF10I06215 m³/h12 - 15 g/h230V AC
PF10I06315 m³/h18 - 20 g/h230V AC


The Zelia ZLT chlorinator offers a wide range of functions for optimal pool treatment. Thanks to the many programming modes (temperature-controlled, SHOCK, ORP-controlled, etc.) and the temperature sensor integrated into the cell, you can adapt the daily production time to the water temperature. During the season, the unit will automatically increase production times, allowing you to enjoy your pool for longer. A real comfort on a daily basis. 

You can also set the water hardness to automatically adapt the polarity inversion to extend the unit's service life. The Zelia electrolysis cell is equipped with a flow sensor and a temperature probe. This facilitates installation and minimizes the need for pipe drilling. The cell contains all the components required to operate the unit. Then connect the cell with the multi-info connector (conductivity, temperature, flow, polarity, etc.) to the power panel, and your installation is complete! 

  • Production adapted to water temperature 
  • Innovation Award 2014
  • Numerous production modes 
  • Cell with flow sensor ORP control mode 
  • Water hardness adjustment and automatic polarity inversion 
  • Production level setting 
  • Manual cover mode (on power pack)