A new Marketing Director for Europe!

5 de junio de 2022

CCEI expands!

In a process of continuous improvement initiated several years ago, CCEI is strengthening its team with a new talent! For the coming season, the CCEI marketing team is evolving with the arrival of Sébastien Chéreau, Marketing Director Europe, whose role will be to harmonize and disseminate the marketing strategy in France and in our subsidiaries.

seb photo.jpg


Sébastien Chéreau, who holds a master's degree in management specializing in marketing/communication and was formerly employed by Xerox and Mercedes, joins the CCEI family!  Sébastien's objective is to put in place a global offer common to the whole of Europe in order to reinforce our presence throughout the country and our brand image.

Sébastien's mission is to standardize marketing and communications throughout Europe and North Africa, and to manage all our teams!

In addition to this arrival, CCEI is reinforcing its Sales Administration team and its Methods & Industrialization department, in order to pursue its efforts to improve service and product quality.