CCEI and Made in Europe!

November 7, 2023

Since 1973, CCEI has been developing and manufacturing innovative equipment to facilitate pool maintenance. Every device we sell has been developed by our R&D department, then manufactured in our factories (in France, Romania and North America).

A complete team of engineers

Over the years, CCEI has expanded its team of engineers to add new skills and even better control the development process. CCEI's R&D and industrialization teams bring together engineers with a wide range of skills, including mechanics, optics, electronics and embedded / iOT systems.

A player at the heart of the French market

The R&D team, like the rest of CCEI's support services, is based in France. We therefore strive to be a local player at the heart of the market and our subcontractors. Each device is developed in France, then assembled in France or in Europe, according to proven industrial processes.

Vigipool: an innovative connected solution made in France

Vigipool is a set of automated, connected devices that communicate with each other and together form a complete technical room, to be controlled from a single smartphone application.

All the devices in the Vigipool universe can be configured using a single smartphone application, which evolves according to the devices in the installation. This application makes it possible to control and pilot the devices from anywhere in the world, bringing peace of mind to the user thanks to permanent control of his pool.

With this global offer, CCEI provides an automated solution that guarantees comfort and peace of mind, Made in France!