Lighting saga: Mini BRiO: very (very) powerful mini spotlights!

March 12, 2024

In our first issue of this new lighting saga, we told you about the miniaturization of lighting over the years and the many advantages that LEDs have brought to the pool world. Let's get to the heart of the matter with this new issue! And what better opening light than our Mini-BRiO 2?

Manufacturers of LED mini-projectors for 12 years now, CCEI has been offering a top-of-the-range projector for a few years now: the Mini-BRiO 2! This screw-in mini spotlight is as powerful as it is discreet in the pool!

Mini-projectors as powerful as the big ones!

Thanks to new LED technologies combined with advances in heat dissipation, the Mini-BRiO can emit up to 1300 lumens in monochrome cool white or warm white lighting. Thanks to this power, the Mini-BRiO 2 is as powerful as some standard spotlights on the market, while being more discreet in the pool wall.

With integrated RGBW technology? Of course!

Just 1 year after launching its underwater LED spotlights, CCEI has integrated RGBW technology for multicolor spotlights! This technology, which consists in adding white LEDs to the electronic circuitry, produces more natural colors and a purer white than usual.

The Mini-BRiO 2 multicolor features this technology, while retaining a light output of 900 lumens for a power consumption of 12W.

A complete package designed for professionals:

When you select a Mini-BRiO 2, opt for a specially designed cover for the light, with the cover already supplied! For concrete pools, opt for a stainless steel cover with an extra-flat design.

And thanks to the gasket installed in the wall feed-through, an initial seal is made at the back of the light to prevent water from rising up into the casing, thereby limiting the risk of freezing.

The arrival of the Mini-BRiO 2 marks the beginning of a great love affair between CCEI and LED technology... and the future has confirmed it! In a future issue, let us introduce you to one of CCEI's proudest achievements: a unique light that won a Golden Wave Award at the Aquanale trade show.

We also invite you to visit our website and try out our special BRiO projector lighting configurator! Find out how a mini BRiO will look in your pond, depending on its size.

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