New product: Antea VS

February 9, 2024

Discover Antea VS, the innovation that revolutionizes the management of your variable speed pump, by integrating it perfectly into the Vigipool universe.This ultra-compact antenna installs easily on compatible variable speed pumps, offering advanced connectivity for intelligent control from your smartphone via the Vigipool app. 

Antea VS makes managing your technical room child's play. Configure and control your pump remotely via the Vigipool app, enabling you to integrate it into a global control solution.


Installation and configuration of the Antea VS are simplified, so you can be up and running in just a few minutes.

Simply plug the antenna into a 230V socket and connect it to your device in just a few clicks: your variable speed pump is now ready to be controlled from your smartphone.For optimum use, combine the Antea VS with a tild VP or Meteor VP, which are essential for controlling your pump's power supply. Thanks to its three operating modes (eco, normal, turbo), Antea VS ensures intelligent management of speeds according to ambient conditions such as the presence of cover, temperature, water level and so on. You also retain the freedom to force a particular speed to suit your preferences.


How does it work?

The Antea VS antenna connects easily to compatible variable-speed pumps. Three operating modes are available: eco for economical use, normal for optimum balance, and turbo for maximum performance.Antea VS intelligently and automatically handles the variable speed pump, ensuring optimized use and significant energy savings.

Antea VS will be available in April!

List of compatible pumps