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March 1, 2024

CCEI USA offers its Vigipool App to provide pool professionals with an easy-to-sell and easy-to-install automation and pool management system for pool owners and service professionals. This app universe uses a simple interface to allow users to automate the temperature, lighting, filtration, pumps and pool water chemistry all from a smartphone. Ideal for pool professionals who want to offer their clients a comprehensive yet intuitive system. Clients and service professionals can access their pool data from anywhere in the world so long as their Vigipool device is connected to the internet. They can monitor their pool in real-time and receive alerts should their pool equipment have any issues or water chemistry falls out of balance. Secondly, pool professionals can now be more proactive with their account, having better customer touch points by providing remote monitoring of their pools and pool routes, providing clients with true 'white-glove' service, irrespective of the pool professional’s location.

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