Ofix VP, the essential analyser for a connected technical room

October 6, 2023

After Vigipool and tild VP, the Vigipool saga continues today with the presentation of a future essential for your technical room: CCEI presents the Ofix VP, the connected analyser to be installed directly on the pipe!


The connected analyser to be installed on the pipe!

ofix vp.png


Ofix VP analyses in real time the essential elements of your water to guarantee you total peace of mind. With it, keep an eye on the pH, RedOx and temperature of the water so you can adjust your treatment at any time! 

No more weekly strip tests at the poolside that waste your swimming time. Ofix VP was created with the aim of entrusting it with all the analyses and measurements of the pool and to find all the data in the Vigipool application. With the help of these measurements, all that remains to be done is to adapt your treatment as accurately as possible and thus avoid overdosing with chlorine and pH corrector; guaranteed savings throughout the season! 

OK, but what does it have that the others don't? Well, the Ofix VP can evolve to become a real plus in the technical room... We look forward to seeing you soon to discover what this connected analyser hides! 


Ofix VP and the Vigipool universe 

mock ofix.png

The Vigipool ecosystem is a set of automated and connected devices that communicate with each other without any cabling or wired connections! The devices create a complete technical room, controlled from your smartphone. Throughout the season, let us introduce you to all these devices. 

Thanks to the Vigipool application, you can see at any time what the Ofix VP is analysing: temperature, pH and RedOx of the water. This way you can adapt your treatment as accurately as possible and avoid overdosing on chlorine and pH corrector for guaranteed savings throughout the season!



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