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May 29, 2024

CCEI Moves Nicolas Blin to Lead Innovation Team in Los Angeles Office

CCEI Pool — a manufacturer of automation and controller systems in the United States as well as lighting systems in Canada, México, Europe and Africa — is pleased to announce it has moved Nicolas Blin to the company’s office in Los Angeles, Calif., to head its ‘innovation team’ in the United States.

Nicolas has been CCEI’s industrial production manager since 2019 where he focused on production processes and continuous product improvement. Prior to his recent move to Los Angeles, Nicolas worked in CCEI’s operations in France, México and most recently in Montreal, Canada.


Nicolas leads the company’s “innovation team” that is responsible for all product launches at CCEI’s three sites in the Americas (Canada, the United States and México). Nicolas also oversees the quality and continuous improvement of products, helping the production workshop managers and implementing continuous testing systems.

“Nicolas brings invaluable insight in product development and process engineering using innovation to continuously improve our products and meet the needs of the North American market,” says Arthur Schutzberg, head of CCEI USA. “We are also super excited to have Nicolas here in Los Angeles to work with our team in this production facility.”

Nicolas holds degrees in mechanical and production engineering as well as a degree in business administration and management. Nicolas can be reached by email at  

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